Top tech trends to watch out for in 2016


VoLTE to IoT technology

Technology has been continuously evolving and the devices we use are changing the way we live our lives. Though 2015 has been a year that has given us more smarter and efficient products, there’s a lot more to be expected in the forthcoming year 2016. 2015 was the year when wearable technology came of age and the Internet of Things (IoT) made its presence felt. As things stand today,

2016 promises to be the year in which the IoT ‘connected’ story will develop further. Apart from this, the big tech trends in the mobile communication space that everyone is talking about today are the VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies.

With Internet of Things (IoT) already marking its entry into the world of consumer durables, refrigerators, audio and video systems and the latest WebOS enabled televisions allow us to connect these devices with our smartphones making our lives simpler and efficient.

Technology today is empowering consumers more than ever before. A washing machine obeys your order and your load is washed as per your need, before you reach home. Your air conditioner maintains the room at a temperature that you are comfortable with. And that is not all, smart technology makes it possible to sync one’s refrigerator to a call-center through a smart phone that helps diagnose and solve any problem the refrigerator may have, quickly and correctly.

Innovative technology allows air-conditioners to be energy efficient and keep the mosquitos away. Trends like robots, autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants (VPAs) and smart advisors – that act in an autonomous manner are set to take the consumer space by storm. Multi utility gadgets that help save space and yet maximize utility are the ones that will leave an impact in 2016, like Door-in-Door refrigerators, that not only save space but have numerous features and are energy efficient. With consumers spending more time gazing the screens of laptops, televisions and smartphones display has come a long way, and achieved brilliance. The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) is one such technology that provides a rich and immersive viewing experience and is surely setting the bar high for display manufactures.

The unique amalgamation of 4K technology with OLED has taken the viewing experience to another level and will continue to do so in 2016.

The acceleration in the advancement of technology will always be halted if the data is not protected rigorously. With the number of security breaches and cybercriminals increasing through the years, both corporate and private data security is of utmost importance. 2016 will see an elevation in the way security of anything we build or produce is managed. Security issues will be looked upon more rigorously leading to the setup of security from the start and not an add-on or expedient.

With the above mentioned tech trends to arrive during the mid of 2016, the first and most talked about technology will be the 4G enabled VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) and VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) smartphones that enable faster and effective data and voice transmission without any call drops. VoLTE and VoWiFi are the next generation technologies in the world of mobile communication.

With VoLTE increasingly becoming a trend among mobile companies, most of them are also incorporating IMS centralised services, HD-voice, video sharing, messaging, emergency call handling and operator-specific services. It is of no doubt that VoLTE and VoWiFi are knocking on the door with a promise to deliver the most significant advances made in the mobile industry.

Newer technologies are always welcomed by the consumers and their demand will not ebb anytime soon, thanks to the constantly growing market space. With innovation and technology at its epitome, 2016 will bring newer and superior gadgets that will aid consumers to increase efficiency to perfection.

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