Top Video on Demand Platforms for Distributing Videos and Content


If you have ever doubted the power of video on demand websites, then all it takes is a glimpse at Netflix’s numbers to show you the strength of this media. Netflix has 36 million video on demand subscribers in the U.S., and the numbers continue to grow every day. Netflix’s subscribers are dedicated and spend 12.11 billion minutes a month on the site.

Video on demand (VOD) is quickly taking over and surpassing traditional media outlets. It gives individuals and businesses the chance to make their own videos to earn money. From digital movies to fitness videos, the variety of content continues to grow. If you have an idea, there is a VOD platform that can turn it into reality. The following sites are the top video on demand platforms for building a video subscription website like Netflix.

1. Gumroad
Gumroad is a video on demand platform that lets you sell your work directly to an audience. You can post your content in four categories including music, film, books and courses. The process to start selling your content is simple, and it does not take long to start offering your videos on this platform.
Gumroad states that it has no hosting fees, no monthly fees, no refund fees and no bandwidth fees. In addition, it will collect and remit VAT taxes on your behalf. However, this is not a free service. It charges 5 percent plus $0.25 per transaction. In addition to PayPal, it accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and JCB. Your payments are deposited into PayPal or a bank account every two weeks.
Gumroad allows users to upload any type of file as long as it is up 12 GB. Your audience can rent or buy the content, and subscription services are also available. You can bundle the content and offer codes for discounts. The videos can be downloaded to multiple devices, and you can even watch them on a home theater system. You can also add subtitle support for global distribution, so your content can reach a bigger audience.
Successful VOD sellers know that analytic tools are a key part of the business. Gumroad gives users the chance to use analytics for their content. You can track sales, customers, referrals and conversions. In addition, the data can be integrated with Google Analytics.
The best VOD platforms have built in security features that let you focus on the content without worrying about data breaches or hackers. Gumdrop offers HTTPS transactions and PCI-compliant payments. In addition it has secure streaming and download verification.

2. Uscreen
Uscreen is a video on demand platform that lets you instantly connect with your audience and distribute content and videos. You can create your own version of a Netflix-style website and build a media empire. Uscreen offers users the ability to create and upload educational programs, workout programs, employee training, online courses and videos on demand. It also offers a simple to use package that lets you get started quickly without worrying about coding. You have access to tech support throughout the startup process and beyond.
Unlike Gumroad, Uscreen offers a free introductory trial for 14 days that allows you to check out the VOD platform before making a long-term commitment. You do not have to sign a contract, and the company does not request a credit card for the free trial period.
After the free trial, you can start a month-to-month plan for $99 a month. It includes 1000 users and 100 video uploads a month. There are no fees for viewing or bandwidth, so you get unlimited viewing and bandwidth. You can request tiered bulk pricing information if you need more users.
Uscreen allows you to sell both individual content and subscription services. Your content can be distributed globally and downloaded to multiple devices. You can even schedule content delivery for subscribers, so you have more free time to create. Streaming services are available for mobile and other devices.
Uscreen’s analytic tools let you track your users and their activity. You will be able to see retention and conversation numbers. In addition, you can keep track of your users’ progress during instructional video classes. You can see which videos are the most popular and how long users actually spend on each one.
Uscreen offers multiple security features including proprietary DRM and encryption. The system is designed to allow users to download content to multiple devices, but it does not let them share it illegally with friends. Each device and user gets a unique key that makes tracking and security easy.

3. Vimeo on Demand
Vimeo on Demand allows you to upload your videos and make money. You can sell videos, films and series on this platform. The process to start offering content is not complicated, and you have access to support. You also join a community of video producers and content creators.
Vimeo on Demand states that users can keep 90 percent of the revenue after the fees are deducted. In addition, it offers a 30-day trial, and a $199 annual fee for using the service. The 30-day trial is not free, so if you decide not to use the service, then you must cancel it before you get charged with other fees. You are limited to uploading 20 GB of content per week and 1 TB per year.
In addition to subscription services, Vimeo offers you the choice of selling or renting your videos. Similar to Gumroad and Uscreen, you are in charge of setting the final price on your product. However, instead of simply offering global distribution, Vimeo on Demand lets you choose between selling globally or picking specific regions of the world.
Vimeo gives its users access to analytics that let you track data and sales. You can see the number of loads, likes and plays for your videos. In addition, you can track where your videos have been embedded and check overviews for different time periods.
The security features on Vimeo include password protection, domain-level privacy and private, unlisted review pages. You have the ability to control who can see your videos and track the process.

Take the Next Step
Gumroad, Uscreen and Vimeo on Demand offer different VOD platforms that can make your business thrive. It is up to you to select the platform that fits your needs and budget. However, keep in mind that the video on demand platform you pick will be the connection between your content and your audience. You want to choose carefully because your brand name will be attached to the VOD platform experience of your audience.


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