Kenya’s Disruptive Innovations and Entrepreneurship Trend

Kenya is not only known for its world champion athletes but also its great entrepreneurial skills. So far Kenya has been ranked top in innovation and entrepreneurship as well. This led Kenya hosting the Global entrepreneurship summit In July 2015 which saw The President of the United States Barack Obama visit Kenya and he heavily funded entrepreneurs.
One of Kenya biggest innovation is the mobile money transfer commonly known as Mpesa. This innovation is admired by many countries since Kenyans readily accepted the mobile money transfer within a short time and right now its the commonest way of sending money. The nature of this innovation can be described to be most appropriate since you need no bank account to send or receive money and other cases to acquire loans. This mobile technology is rapidly expanding to other countries all over the world and has contributed a lot in revenue creation and increased employment opportunities.

My reason for analyzing the mobile money transfer is to show what exactly disruptive innovation can do. Whenever a new innovation is introduced, it directly introduce the innovator to entrepreneurship because it is a business which is in the making and its expected to grow.
In innovation as a youth, always try to be local and try solve relevant challenges people are facing. By this, your innovation is readily accepted just like it happened to Mpesa. It originated from the need of easily transferring money using the mobile phone which many people own and can acquire easily.

In this series of Kenya’s Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Trend articles we will always have examples of local innovations, analyze them and learn how the formula innovation can be applied to come up with a sustainable solution. Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or a different service. As a youth how do you innovate? How do you approach innovation?
Today we learn the SCAMPER technique and we start with S representing Substitute. Substitute your ideas (i.e. chalk board for maker board) marker board can described an improved tool compared to chalk board which is dusty, expensive and breaks easily.
Joe Kiunga Miringu
Bachelor of Business Innovation and Technology Management
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)

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