EcoWash – Save water, save time, and save money to wash your cars !

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  • Save water, save time
  • New and innovative way to wash cars
  • Eco-friendly and Innovative car wash – Uses about 1 litre of water to wash and wax your car, quickly and anywhere!
  • Most environment-friendly Waterless Car Wash
  • Less than 3omins and your car is sparkling clean
  • We are mobile……we can come at work, home……anywhere to clean your car
  • Guaranteed security
  • Car Care Products
  • Home Care Products

Company Introduction
Barakabora Products Ltd was founded in 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. The company’s activities are in the car care and home care industry. Our aim is to manufacture eco-friendly, affordable and competitive products that are loved and preferred throughout the continent. We also offer ‘waterless’ car wash services which emphasise on saving water and time, offering convenience and adding value to the car wash process.

What We Do
We locally manufacture high quality affordable products that are loved and preferred by our clients. We also offer ‘waterless’ car wash services which save water (about 1 litre per car), save time (about 30 minutes per car) and offer convenience (mobile car wash).

Company Strategy
We plan to be the leading manufacturers of car care products in Africa offering both eco- friendly and affordable products to our clients. We want to disrupt the car wash industry in a positive way where we plan to introduce ‘waterless’ car wash services and in the process we can save millions of litres of water.
To offer the best products and services in the car care industry.
To be the preferred supplier in Africa of affordable and eco-friendly products and services in the car care and home care industry.

ECO Wash – South Africa’s Authentic Award Winner!

ECO Wash, established in 2010, was borne from the fact that conventional car washes waste 33 billion litres of potable water per annum, and are therefore simply not sustainable. The world has only 1% drinkable water left, with 7-billion people having to share it!

Eco Wash, in conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch, developed an innovative and efficient car wash technology that offers premium services whilst minimising the use of water, labour, energy and space.

Eco Wash was awarded the prestigious Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Award for Water Conservation in 2012, the best of 300 entries. Our growing ‘footprint’ in South Africa includes over 750 locations – car dealerships, service stations, office parks, golf clubs, panel beaters, shopping malls, private business sites and more.

We also assist companies in the conversion of their current traditional car wash into an environmentally friendly and waterless one. In some instances, we help create ‘Environmental Entrepreneurs’.


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