Do you ever ask yourself whether or not the kind of lifestyle you are living is healthy or not ? How can you ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle? Here are some of the simple questions you should ask yourself. Do you eat a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you follow some of the doctors’ recommendations of drinking eight glasses of water daily?

Our bodies are very important and it is our duty to keep it healthy. There are many chronic illnesses developing in today’s life. Most of these diseases are caused by eating unhealthy diet.  Being lazy by watching television and playing video games the whole day is not healthy living. Good health is not just about eating healthy and exercising it also entails having a positive mental health.

Here are some of the main factors of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking water

Drinking enough amount of water is essential for our body function. 60% of our body is made u of water. Therefore for normal body function we require enough amount of water in the system. Water helps in digestion and removes waste from our body. Water aids in the physical functioning of the body. Daily you should create a lifestyle of drinking eight glasses of water. Do you know that water helps in weight loss? Yes it actually does it makes the stomach become full and you lack the interest of over eating. Most obese people are advised to drink a lot of water.

Get enough rest

Lack of enough rest can make you compensate when you eat a lot. Your mind and body require rest. For you to be active in your daily routines you require rest. Lack of rest causes premature aging, nobody wants to age faster.


Exercising makes our body fit. It has been discovered that exercising increases our life span, lowers risk of diseases. Pick exercises that you enjoy and make it a habit. You can choose to walk instead of taking transport

Eat fruits and vegetables

Vegetarians are lucky because naturally what they consume is healthy. Vegetables are preventive foods. They guard our immune system from diseases. Most vegetables and fruits are anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are beneficial to our body because they remove free radicals from our body that damage body cells. Avoid processed foods. They contain additives and preservatives which may be harmful to our bodies.

Meditation and positive thinking

Meditating relaxes the mind and the body. It reduces stress caused by over thinking. When your mind is cleared and free you will be able to think straight. Apply the notion of thinking positively about yourself. Avoid negativity which clogs the mind. Think positively to have a positive life.

Try these factors to make a change.

By Irene  Ojoro.

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