Gravity Ltd now launches its emergency response app – UPESY


Gravity Limited, a leading IT solutions company in Nairobi, Kenya this week launched its UPESY App. The app allows citizens – in need of an emergency response – to raise an alarm to a ‘safety-net’ of friends (Pre-registered persons by user) and/or a Professional Premium Service Providers. The App covers 4 major areas of emergency i.e. Security (Personal, Home, or Workplace); Medical; Road Rescue; and Fire. The features include:

  • Freely downloadable on App Stores
  • Users Register & Add friends to create ‘safety-net’
  • In the event of emergency, users raise alert which is received by friends (safety-net) as SMS. The SMS contains a link, which when opened friends can view exact location where alert was raised and are even able to track movements of user who raised the alert
  • Users can use the App to subscribe to Professional Premium Service Providers. If a User is subscribed to a Service Provider via the App, the Service Provider also receives the alert when raised and responds to the emergency
  • The App shows police hotlines for the nearest Police Stations to the User at any particular time
  • Users can request friend(s) to monitor their movements from the App until they get to their destination
  • Users can share their location such that friends can navigate and come to where they are instead of verbally giving ‘lengthy’ directions
  • The App has a menu that allows Users to provide Intel information to Police (GPS location, Text, Audio, and/or video)

For details about the App, please visit:

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