Full list of BAKE Kenya Blog Award Winners 2014. The 3rd edition of the Kenyan Blog Awards was held at the Intercontinetal Hotel. This time round, there were 17 blogs up for nomination. The Best County Blog and Best Health Blog were the new additions. The winners were picked through a process that started with submissions by bloggers, readers and virtually any person who has access to the internet in 17 categories. The submissions were then taken through a phase of trimming and pruning by independent judges who then gave us a list of 5 blogs per category for which readers would vote for. The shock for the evening came up when the winners for the Best Sports blog were announced. For the frst time since the inception of the awards there was a tie; michezoafrika.com and futaa.com emerged victorious. Below is the full list of BAKE Kenya Blog award winners for 2014. Best Technology Blog: techmoran.com, Best Photography Blog: benkiruthi.com, Best Creative Writing Blog: bikozulu.co.ke, Best Business Blog: bankelele.co.ke, Best Food Blog: pikachakula.com, Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog: farmingafrika.com, Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog: thisisess.com, Best Politics Blog: brainstorm.co.ke, Best New Blog: wendywahito.com, Best Corporate Blog: ihub.co.ke, Best Topical Blog: mummytales.com, Best Sports Blog (A tie): michezoafrika.com, futaa.com; Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog: ghafla.com, Best Travel Blog: safari254.com, Best Health Blog: 2;” href=”http://wambuiwaithaka.com/” target=”_blank”>wambuiwaithaka.com, Best County Blog: county-411.com, Best Kenyan Blog of the Year: bikozulu.co.ke

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